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Alabama receiver DeVonta Smith wins Heisman Trophy

The Heisman Trophy, much like the NFL’s MVP award, has become a quarterback award. Quarterbacks had won 12 of the past 14 Heismans, with Alabama running backs Mark Ingram and

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Moves, evictions often trigger harmful breaks in health care, study says

Research brings grim findings for these economically tough times: People who must move because they can’t make the rent often miss out on needed medical care. The study, of over

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Hyundai’s confusion over Apple electric car tie-up

The South Korean car company initially said it was in the “early stage” of talks with the iPhone maker about a possible electric car partnership. But hours later it backtracked

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Google’s Wing warns new drone laws ‘may have unintended consequences’ for privacy

This past week, the US government made the single biggest, most impactful set of changes to drone law we’ve yet seen — ruling that almost every drone in US airspace

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Brave girl, 2, finally home after 200 days fighting deadliest children’s cancer

This time last year shattered mum Nicky Foxley was dreading the year that lay ahead – because she didn’t know if her daughter Elara would survive 2020. The hell of

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