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Broncos line up interviews with handful of G.M candidates

The Denver Broncos have lined up interviews with several candidates for their newly vacate General Manager job after John Elway decided to cede that role to a new person. Via

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New research finds ginger counters certain autoimmune diseases in mice

Naturopathic medicine, or herbal medicine, is all the rage, especially among young people. But how much of this is supported by science? Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative

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Travellers to UK will need to show negative test result

All international passengers will soon have to test negative for Covid-19 before travelling to the UK. People arriving by plane, train or boat, including UK nationals, will have to take

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Apple will let Amphetamine app stay in the App Store after wrongly telling developer it violated App Store rules

The developer of Amphetamine, an app that prevents Macs from going into sleep mode, says Apple told him it violated App Store guidelines, even though it’s been in the App

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Roger Moore’s 007 would have lost licence nearly eight times in his seven films

Never mind a licence to kill, it’s a miracle 007 even had a licence to drive judging by Roger Moore’s record in his seven films as Bond. Shaken and stirred

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The Best Breakfast Sandwich in New York

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich isn’t just a popular breakfast sandwich around the US and Canada. It’s also become a favorite quick fix, especially for people on the go. It’s

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